Saturday, November 8, 2008

Five Upgrades to Cavs' Sidelines

Below are (5) uprades to the Cavs' Sidelines that look evident early this season:

1. Chris Jent Courtside - Jent used to sit behind the bench, and this year he is courtside. From what I have heard, Jent has focused on helping the King be a better jumpshooter, now his scope seems to have evolved...good to see from the former running mate of Jimmy Jackson.

2. Mike Brown's Goatee - No joke, it makes me take him more seriously - I am not kidding. He looks like his is in charge with that thing, a little tougher, a little more sure of himself...I don't know why really.

3. Jawad Williams for Damon Jones - D Jones thought he was getting screwed sitting on the bench for the Cavaliers. His moping around ass is gone and it is replaced with a guy who couldn't be happier to be there. Williams is a Cleveland guy, a winner (UNC national title) and a guy that goes back with LBJ (St. Eds vs. SVSM). Williams' attitude is worth more than any b.s. dance Jones ever could do.

4. Talent and youth vs. experience and old age- JJ Hickson for Donyell Marshall, Daniel Gibson for Eric Snow, Lornezen Wright for Dwayne Jones, and so on. Andy is playing well, so is Wally. Sasha also is a guy that has started and is also on the bench and available.

5. Energy - these guys are jumping around all game, chanting guys names when they do well, and pumping up the King. That is better than any advice Eric Snow was coming with in the play calling department.

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