Saturday, November 22, 2008

Funny Man Frank Comes to Cleveland

Comedian Frank Caliendo was in Cleveland on Friday at the State Theatre and he lived up to the hype. Turns out, Caliendo has Northeast Ohio ties, in that he married a Lorain girl, who he said was on hand last night, along with his extended family. He was wearing a Kent State Golf Shirt that he said his brother in law gave him, and begged him to reference in the show.

The show featured a lot of his hilarious impersonations of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Charles Barkley. He referenced LeBron James using his Charles Barkely voice in talking about how Barkley's TNT halftime remarks reference nothing about basketball or the game his is watching. Other Sports personalites that Caliendo offered his spot on hilarious versions of included Bill Walton, Jim Rome, and John Madden.

If I had to pick my funniest bit, it would have to be from his John Madden loves Brett Farve sketch. In the Madden voice, he talked about how when Bret Farve retired, Madden wanted to retire the Number Four not just from all of football, but from all of the English lexicon as well, replacing it with the word Farve. He counted 1 -2 - 3- Farve - 5 and so on. He went on to say instead of saying forehead, it would become Farvehead, and instead of yelling out Fore on a bad golf shot, you would want to now yell Farve!

Caliendo also did his Robin Williams, Al Pacino, and Robert Deniro voices. He signed autographs and took pictures in the lobby afterwards, and seemed to be real gracious to those that waited in line. His kids came on stage at the end of the show as well, and when referencing his wife's Lorain, Ohio roots he said, "be careful, if you don't think I'm funny she'll shoot you."

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