Monday, November 10, 2008

Really Big Rumors...

Heard this morning on Tony Rizzo's Really Big Show, that there are many, many rumors going around about a Cleveland Legend coming back to save our beloved Brownies. Rizzo and Hammer discussed Pro Football's article on Savage being shown the door and Kosar coming in not as Head Coach, or GM, but as Prez of Football Operations. Could his Worst to Playoffs run with the Gladiators and close personal relationship with Browns owner Randy Lerner translate to a stint in the front office in Berea?
Bernie Kosar himself came on the air himself to quell any rumors. Kosar avoided any talks of taking a job with the Browns, but did have interesting things to say about Romeo and Phil. Kosar said "with a head coach, their record says it all". Translation- Romeo should pack his bags. He also said that it is not always record that sinks the GM. Translation- Bernie and Top Men still like Savage and he may be around for a little while longer.

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