Thursday, November 13, 2008

UFC 91: A Legend vs. A Rising Star

The UFC World Heavyweight Title is up for grabs Saturday night as Randy "The Natural" Couture ends his contract squabble with UFC Prez Dana White, to take on Up and Comer (and physical freak) Brock Lesnar.

The Natural is a legend in the sport. The 43 Year Old, 3 Time Heavyweight Champ and 2 Time Light Heavyweight started fighting in 1997 @ UFC 13, back when the sport was in its infancy. His overall record is 16 Wins and 8 Losses. Hardly invincible.

In 1997, Brock Lesnar was just entering college, working on a world class wrestling background of his own. The Heavyweight ended up a Two-time All American wrestler and was the 2000 NCAA Heavyweight Champion. He then went from "real" wrestling to the WWE, where he was a popular character that won 3 "titles"? After a cup of coffee with the Minnesota Vikings last year, he has focused on MMA. His pro record is 2 Wins and 1 Loss.

This fight promises to be interesting. Lesnar had to lose over 10 pounds to get under the 265 Weight Limit for the heavyweight division. Couture is around 220 lbs. By the time of the fight, Lesnar will probably have a nearly 50 pound weight advantage. Very quick for his size, Lesnar would like to take this fight to the mat quickly.

The sexy pick would be Lesnar. A nimble giant, against the Long in the Tooth Couture. That being said, Shaver Sports likes the experience of The Natural. He's been in a lot of battles, and knows his way around the mat. Experience wins and Couture keeps his belt.

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