Wednesday, November 12, 2008

National Headliners for All the Wrong Reasons

Starting on Monday in Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, the Browns have been the talk of the National Media. King said the Browns Coaching Staff were "dead men walking" and they were just coaching on borrowed time right now.
Then there was the quote from Jamal Lewis, which got play on the Jim Rome Show, where he called out teammates for giving up, and not being ready to play this "Man's Game". Teammate Josh Cribbs, echoed Lewis' sentiments saying "the first thing you think of is that guys quit. If everyone didnt quit, we win that game". Rome went on the say "All the Staph living in the Browns training room thinks that locker room is toxic"
If he's got players quitting on him, 12-29-08 will be the definite End of an Era for Romeo Crennel.

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