Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Edwards Drops the Ball...Again.

Luckily for Bray Bray, the news of Brady Quinn starting has taken a lot of focus off of a bad trend for #17. Braylon Edwards leads the league in Drops, according to Elias Sports Bureau. They have the number at 14. (a generous 14. We counted at least 3 more in the Shaver Sports Film room) A league high 14 Drops this year and we are only half way through the season? (2007 NFL Stats show Braylon was tied for league lead with Dallas Clark at 12.)

Just as bothersome as the drops is the lack of accountability that BE has shown. After last weeks embarassment, Edwards made himself unavailable again to the media, and according to ESPN Cleveland's Michael Reghi, that is 3 Games now that Edwards has had nothing to say. This is the same Braylon Edwards who was seen talking all off-season, promoting Yahoo! Fantasy Football, his own aspiring career in Hollywood, and making wagers with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps (He would have been a lot better off if he bet Phelps he would have 2x more Drops than he had Gold medals). I guess Braylon only talks when the Going Is Good. Think we will hear from Braylon this week? I guess it depends if he scores a TD or not..

Either way, this kid has a lot of growing up to do, both On and Off the field.

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