Friday, November 14, 2008

Cavaliers Beat Nuggets on TNT

When the Cavaliers are able to get LeBron James the basketball coming off that curl cut deep in the lane its over - he's unstoppable. They got it to him there last night, and the rim had to be in pain when LeBron was done beatin' on it. James went for 28 - 10 - 8 and if he had any Ricky Davis in him, he would have gone 3-D easily.

Equally impressive last night was Mo Williams. It looked like Mo heard Brian Windhorst say that his "numbers would go down this year, and he would not be an All Star" while on the Really Big Show earlier in the afternoon yesterday. Mo came out shooting like somebody stole something, going for 24.

Beyond Mo and LeBron, other guys stepped up to put the game out of reach in the 4th quarter with the King resting, and that hasn't happened all that much before. Daniel Gibson's drive, with his Super Boobie Emblem? shaved into his head, in the 4th quarter was sweet. Equally impressive, was Wally taking off like Billy Hoyle for the slam, in that same 4th quarter stretch - what's up now Sydney Deane?

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