Friday, November 21, 2008

Cavs Start Still Impressive

Chalupas and Pistons aside, the Cavaliers look good. I liked hearing Mike Brown just call his team out after the Detroit loss, saying that the Pistons just made a decision to come out and take the game from his guys. He didn't go with his coach speak crutch line of old saying that 'the guys played hard tonight and I was proud of them.' It was nice to hear, and it is nice to see Mike Brown manage a team that he believes should win every night. I don't think previous Cavs team should have won every night, but I think this one can.

It looks like so far that LeBron is off on his way to his 1st MVP, and his new running mate Mo Williams looks to be off to his first All Star Game. Besides those two I have been impressed with Andy Varejeo who looks to be back to playing like a guy fighting to earn a spot in this league with his foucs on defense, rebounding, and opportunistic scoring, as opposed to last year. Delonte West is a solid starter in my opinion, and looks to be meshing well with the chemistry of this team. Ben Wallace and Z look three years younger, and Mike Brown is getting interviewed on the Jim Rome show. Things are looking up.

Next Up : The Atlanta Hawks on Saturday at 7:30 - 10-3 would make it a statement start.

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Anonymous said...

As Dennis Green would say "You want to crown their asses, then crown them!"

Too early to tell with this team