Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its Basketball Time at the Q

The Cavaliers open up a (3) game homestand tonight at Quicken Loans Arena, with a chance to build on their division lead and 5-2 record. If Cleveland is able to feast on Gloria James' home cookin,' and take care of Milwaukee, Denver, and Utah in succession, they could make like Usain Bolt out out of the blocks in this young campaign.

Cleveland started the first (10) games last year 5-5, and it seemed like they were playing from behind all season long as a result. If LeBron & Co. can get at least (2) and maybe even all (3) of these next home games, that could go a long way in not only the standings, but also the development of chemistry for this club.

Winnable games you ask? Milwaukee is 3-4, with a current overall Power Ranking of (19), Denver is 3-3 with a Power Ranking of (14) and Utah is 5-1 with a Power Ranking of (4).

Cleveland, by comparison, at 5-2, has jumped from (11) to (5) in the latest Power Rankings on NBA.com. This ranking is a bit better than the 7.5 average ranking projected in the preseason.

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