Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cavalier Benchmark

The offseason acquisition of Mo Willams no doubt made the Cavs better on the front end - I have posted on the very topic a few times. However, I didnt realize how much the offseason moves of Tarrance Kinsey, Jawad Williams, JJ Hickson, and Lorenzen Wright have made Cleveland better on the back - end. I have never really liked what the Cavs had on the pine in the past, until now. Now, Im feelin it. Mike Brown spoke to it last night during the Pacers game.

The King is Feeling it too.

“You can see the depth we have,” James said. “We’re bringing starters off the bench. Daniel has started games for us, Wally has started games for us, Andy has started games for us. Sasha can also come off the bench and play. J.J. is going to continue to get better. Lorenzen (Wright, who played instead of Hickson in the opener) has played big minutes. T.K. (Tarence Kinsey) can play.“Our bench is loaded if we need anybody to come in.”

Agreed. The Cavs have talent on the bench, but it is more than that. There is an energy on the bench that was never there before. Future Shaver Sports Posts will break down what the bench brings beyond points.

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