Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cavs Front-Runner to Sign McDyess

Michael Reghi was on In the Zone with Kenny Roda at the top of the hour and reported that the Cavaliers are very, very interested in signing free agent Antonio McDyess who was recently released by Denver by way of the Billups - AI deal.

"From what I am hearing from people around the league, the Cavs are very interested in signing Antonio McDyess, and could be the front runner to sign him. Along with Cleveland and Detroit, I am also hearing that Boston, and New Orleans are interested as well. Of those teams, Cleveland can offer the most money right now."

Reghi went on to discuss the fact that the Cavaliers, if they so chose, could offer McDyess the full mid-level exception, of $5.1 million, and could pull the trigger on that today. Detroit has to wait (30) days to sign him since they just traded him. While there could be a 'wink - wink Boozer - esque' deal in motion between Dumars and McDyess, Daniel Gilbert's previous relationship with the Pistons, coupled with the dollars he could offer, could overcome that obstacle.

As a Cleveland Fan, I say offer the full mid-level exception if you have to, and get this deal done. Reghi agrees. McDyess is better than Joe Smith, and the Cavaliers no doubt upgrade their roster immensely if they can make the deal happen.

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Anonymous said...

by now you've heard that mcdyess has said that he will just return to the pissed-ons whenever his 30-day waiting period ends as per nba rules that the trading team can't re-sign a player they traded who is subsequently released for at least 30 days. so in other words, mcdyess likes the warm comfort of a "wet bed" (pissed-on) instead of new, clean sheets. why else would a player ever want to go back to a sinking ship when they can hitch a ride on the rising tide that is the cavaliers??? at the rate they are going, detroit will be hard pressed to even get a # 4 seed in the playoffs and may not even make it past the 1st round. we can only hope.