Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swami Sez Browns Win 19-14

Chris Berman picked the Browns, to beat the Ravens, 19-14 at Cleveland Browns Stadium Sunday, on Sportscenter this morning.

If that happens, with the Week 9 NFL Standings the way they are, the Browns legimately enter the Playoff discussion...just like Wilbon said they would a few weeks ago.

The Wild Card Picture would look this if the season ended today:

The 1st. Wild Card Spot belongs to the Bills at 5-2.
The 2nd Wild Card Spot would belong to the Jets at 4-3 or the Ravens at 4-3.

Sooo...If the new Browns beat the old Browns, then both Browns are 4-4. The Jets play the Bills, and they could certainly lose that game to put them at 4-4 as well, with the Bills at 6-2.

The other 3-4 teams include...the Dolphins, Jags, Colts and Texans.

The Dolphins play the Broncos, the Jags play the Bengals, the Colts play the Patriots, the Texans play the Vikings.

If all (4) of these teams win, and the above happens as per described, you would have the Bills at 6-2 and (7) teams - the Browns, Ravens, Jets, Dolphins, Jags, Colts, and Texans - all log jammed at .500.

With half the season to play, it feels like new life for a season on life support - at best - not more than (3) weeks ago.

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