Friday, October 31, 2008

Say it Ain't So Joe.....

The Browns overall are getting and staying healthy. DA has seemingly shaken off all the cobwebs from his preseason concussion, Tucker getting back in there will help the O-Line, and Shaun Smith coming back soon will be able to give Shaun Rogers more of a chance to catch his breath. But the one guy NOT coming back that really would've helped this squad tremendously is Cleveland's own, Joe Jurevicious. Could you imagine if the Browns were able to get a healthy Edwards, Stallworth, Jurevicious and Winslow on the field at the same time?

Jurevicious led the Browns in receptions for 1st Downs last year and was 2nd in the NFL. His 50 catches for 600+ yards was good for 3rd on the team. So far, the Browns closest option to a Clutch Receiver has been Steve Heiden, who for some reason has been in Chud's doghouse. If this team is going to make a run this year, they need to find their Go-To Guy on 3rd Down quickly. With the 3 of the next 4 games at home, the Browns are in a prime position to make that run.

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