Monday, March 9, 2009

Around The Blogosphere...Part V

The Big Lead re-capped the Cavaliers win over the Heat Sunday, referenced LeBron's 'off night' that resulted in a triple double, and Mo Williams' cluctch shooting performance that woke memories of a Simpson's episode, but the best part was the following line:

"Heat Coach Eric Spoelstra was reportedly very upset about the loss until he was picked up by his mom, who took him out for ice cream."


Waiting For Next Year's Post from Saturday in regards to Sean Jones should have people a little concerned about the organization down in Berea, if you weren't already concerned like four years ago. But while I understand that new coaches, bring in new players, and let old players go, I can't understand how Mangini would 'have never met' the starting strong safety on the team he took over. Weird.


At Slam Online, I have an issue with Khalid Salaam's post. His article 'Its Not his Fault But Damn' article starts out as follows:

"It’s not LeBron’s fault his success is tied into ratings and newsstand sales. Nor do I slander his forays into other things (hosting SNL, etc.) and his ubiquitous profile because of those things. But sportswriters have got to stop being such Stan’s of this guy. It’s making me not like LeBron, making me root against the Cavs just so these clowns can stop deifying him. It annoys me."

His examples are something to do with a Nuggets player and a reporter, and an ABC telecast that he can't remember who was playing in. What? While I agree with the whole idea that reporters shouldn't be coming at these stars like they want an autograph, you can make this arguement about any sport, or any star, for the last (10) years in this country. Singling LeBron out, and talking about him being 'handed the MVP trophy,' is being nothing more than a hater.

Don't hate Khalid, it makes me want to root against you.


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