Sunday, March 8, 2009

One for One On the Weekend

In the last (10) Cavalier - Celtics match-ups, the home team has won (10) times. Nothing new over the weekend with the Celtics win in Boston. I was, for the first time all season, a little disappointed in the Cavaliers performance Friday, but if you re-read this sentence, that is probably a sign of great season. Hopefully the Cavaliers learn from that loss, and its gotta be good in a way to experience some downs during a season filled with upside and success. Couple that by the fact that the Celtics went on to lose to the Magic this weekend, and I got a big who cares for all the beantowners that think the win was a sign of things to come...

It was nice to see the Cavaliers bounce back with a win last night over Miami. The fact that they come back to get a win after a loss like Friday speaks to the character of this club. Reghi mentioned on the radio this week that the Cavaliers have not lost (3) games in row all season, and that is impressive. Going into Saturday's game, I thought maybe the first one was on the horizon, but not so. LeBron coming back with a triple double was huge...I liked when A.C. said last night in the first half that D-Wade 'is really fighting himself, he has been fighting himself all night.' At the time Austin said it, Wade really was, and as the night went on, D-Wade ended up fighting the officials as well as he got launched late after (2) technicals.

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