Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Star-ter-bury In Line-Up For Celts

I thought it was a desperate move when the Celtics first started talking about Steph Marbury joining the squad, and I thought it was even more desperate when they signed him. But tonight is by far a new low. Not only announcing that Marbury is in the starting line-up for tonight's game against the Heat on ESPN, but then trying to make him look like Ray Allen?? I guess at (4.5) games behind Cleveland cheesy looking Glen Davis and the Celtics will try anything.


Anonymous said...

???? ever heard of injuries ?? see you in June

Shaver Sports said...

Indeed I have heard of injuries. The Cavaliers currently have a starter injured (Ben Wallace) played without another for about a quarter of the season (Delonte West) and have seen their center missing extended time as well (Zydrunas). All the while they have distanced themselves from the Celtics. In the case of Marbury, I would rather the Cavaliers play 'Hooisers Style' with (4) guys all night long, then have a guy like Steph Marbury rock the wine and gold for even (1) game. You should have saved some respect for yourselves and started Eddie House. Its not like Marbury is better than him anyways.