Friday, March 13, 2009

So Who Will Play More Games Next Year: Dante or Joe?

The most professional athlete the new Browns have ever employed since their inception in 1999 is parting ways with the new regime. A regime headed up by the coach the Jets fired this offseason, Eric Mangini, and a I guy I never heard of who Eric picked. Regardless, Joe Jurevicious, who battled injuries, and a staph infect the Browns most likely gave him, last season, will no longer wear his hometown teams colors. Bittersweet for me as a fan. Bitter in that I wont be able to watch Joe at Browns stadium on Sundays - sweet because I am happy for Joe. If I were an NFL player, playing for the Browns is not exactly like working for Google.

So the Browns let Joe go and are left with Dante Stallworth. Josh Sabo and Aaron Goldhammer engaged in an intersting debate on the Really Big Show, yesterday. The question being, who ends up playing more NFL games next season? Dante Stallworth or Joe Jurevicious? Shaver Sports has this debate as our poll question, and JD Shaver is voting for Joe. I also will go as far as setting the over under for Stallworth at (5) and am betting the under. Vote today.

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