Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vikings Represent Cleveland Well

I appreciate what Gary Waters has done with the CSU Vikings. I was (5) when Mackey led Mouse McFadden and company into the NCAA's Sweet Sixteen, and I have been waiting my whole life to see if CSU could be a competive college team worth following again. Whether they make the NCAA tournament this year or not, THEY ARE a club worth following NOW. No doubt. The Vikes will win more than 20 games this year, included amongst them was the win over Syracuse, and enough Horizon wins to finish (3rd) in an under-rated mid-major conference. The losses include a couple of near misses against Top-25 ranked Butler, who clinched the regular season title yesterday. They (CSU) lost at home by (1) at the buzzer, and lost yesterday by (2) at Butler. A close call on a (3) point attempt goes CSU's way at the end... who knows? But what I do know is that coming into the Horizon tourney with a (3) seed, gives them shot to go the distance, and earn the first NCAA bid in (23) years. Whether CSU won Saturday or not, really doesn't matter if you are talking NCAA's anyways. There is only one at large team in the league (Butler) and it is not CSU. But look for CSU to sneak into the dance by playing their way in come tournament time. It is going to be tough for Butler to beat them (3) times. Once in, anything can happen. Maybe they beat Indiana again. Wait, I don't think the Hooisers will make it this year. Nevertheless, Waters club is a solid one, competitive group that plays hard, represents the city well, and as a Cleveland basketball fan, I appreciate that.

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