Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ESPN's 'Aircheck' With Aaron Goldhammer

ESPN 850's Aaron Goldhammer was on 'Aircheck' with Cindy Brunson yesterday, and a topic discussed was the pregame 'antics' that have created a minor stir, first with LeBron taking a team photo in pregame, only to be countered by Shaq with a pregame bowling display recently before a Suns game.

Hammer had the following to say in regards to Cindy Brunson's what's with all this pregame stuff question:

"I think its so much fun, everybody always freaks out about the touchdown celebrations, and now the pregame antics in Cleveland, but I think its great man, you got LeBron taking the pictures of all the players, and they're jumping around having a good time. Listen, the Cavs have the best record in the NBA, and the reason for it, I think, aside from the fact that they have LeBron, and they're well coached and everything, is that they have a lot of fun. The guys like each other alot, they have a lot of team chemistry and camaraderie, how is that a bad thing? I heard people and callers on shows, on our station ESPN 850 WKNR today, blaming LeBron, calling out Shaq, turning this into a negative, I think its a big positive, its a bunch of guys having fun. I dont see how you could take this as Shaq and LeBron don't like each other, they are just having some fun together."

I agree with Hammer's points. This pregame stuff is great. One of the worst things that happened to the NFL in my opinion was when they cracked back on endzone celebrations. I love football, but I miss Joe Horn busting out a cell phone, TO doing the 'Ray Lewis Dance' and Chad Johnson doing what he was doing that year...that was sports entertainment at its finest. I couldn't wait for any of those guys to get in the endzone. This stuff with LeBron and Shaq is just as entertaining if you ask me, and way less disruptive to the game - if your an old school purist. Its before the game even starts for crying out loud!

Additionally, I also agree with Hammer's other point about the Cavaliers chemistry. While I do think that the camaraderie level is in large part due to the way LeBron interacts with his teammates, it certainly is very prevelevant throughout this whole team, and been a huge part of this team's success thus far this year. As a fan, I like to see it on display, and if its on display during the pregame, thats fine with me. Furthermore, I am hoping LeBron goes ahead and tops Shaq's PBA move, with something better.

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