Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hats Off To Gary Waters and the CSU Vikings

I guess the experts were right last night...I probably should not have referred to them as 'clowns.' Digger Phelps, for one, certainly deserves my respect, he is after all a helluva dancer.

Despite that, and the subsequent loss today to Arizona, I have to take my hat off to the these Cleveland State Vikings, and you should too. I have been in this town for a while, and spent most of my sports fan life wishing college basketball would be relevant around here, and thanks to this club, it finally is. After all these Rollie Massimino, Mike Garland, James Madison, and Damon Stinger seasons of false hope, Gary Waters has finally built something worth believing in, and we should applaud him for that.

I don't think he'll leave to take another job in the years to come, and I hope he sticks around to see this thing through. If he does, CSU will be a team to reckon with come March for years to come. Runs like they had this season (beating Syracuse, Butler, Wake Forest - all away from home) winning their conference tournament, and advancing in the NCAAs, will be flat out great to follow as Cleveland sports fans, and I think its likely to come. Sure, Ced Jackson's gonna move on, J'Nathan Bullock and George Tandy will go too, and that will be tough; but they have a nice nucleus coming back lead by Norris Cole, Jeremy Montgomery, Chris Moore, and then some. If Waters can add an explosive freshmen or two, look out Cleveland.

If Gary Waters is still here in (5) years, I would be surprised if CSU does not go to the NCAA tournament at least (3) more times during that stretch. Cleveland will support that too, and be proud to do so, just like their proud of this club.

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