Friday, March 20, 2009

Cavs Use Extra Session for W: 97-92

With (37) seconds left in regulation last night, during the Cavaliers 97-92 win over the Trail Blazers, LeBron James emphatically cleared out the lane, drove past Travis Outlaw like he wasn't even there, rose up, and delivered a Bill Raftery kissss off the glass, while all the Steve Blake and company could could do was turn and watch. That bucket made the score 86-82. And I know, I know, all you Screamin A wannabees, yeah, he did foul Brandon Roy, and miss a buzzer beater to end regulation. Okay great. Since your keeping score, you might also have noted that the King did tally a triple double in a relatively off night for him, going for 26-11-10. His Cavs did then use the extra session to dispose of Portland, and extend their home record to 31-1. I'll take it. Zydrunas stepped up and hit some big shots for Cleveland throughout the game, going for (21), and Joe Smith came off the bench to be as efficient as possible, going 5-5 from the field, totaling (12) points, (3) rebounds on the night.

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