Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cavaliers Win 60th: Beat Mavericks 102-74

The most disappointing thing in Sunday's game to me was the fact that I couldn't hear everyone's favorite Uncle breaking down the action. With Fox Sports not airing the game, my attention was forced to be turned to ABC's coverage detailed by Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and the Coach who attacked Alonzo Mourning's leg. In the first half, they pretty much made as big a deal as possible about the fact that the Cavs were down by their largest home deficit of the season when the Mavs got out to their 15-point lead early. Despite their crys seeming to indicate that Cleveland's sky was falling, I was as confident in knowing the Cavs would come back as I was when I used to watch the Indians' softball style offense of the 90s make up a 10-run lead like it was nothing on a routine basis. And, true to form, the Cavs turned it on, and beat the Mavericks by (28). Your Mavericks sure did make a lot of strides after firing Avery Johnson, Mark. Great call. Almost as good of a move as letting Steve Nash go in favor of Dirk. But I digress, tough break for Cuban, but congratulations to the Cavaliers on another milestone. Here's hoping for one more milestone. Oh, and I liked the Pregame Baseball Warm-Up as well, way to keep it fresh fellas.

For more on the Cavaliers latest win read what Windhorst has to say about it.


Entertainment Blog said...

Congratulations to Cavaliers.

Shaver Sports said...

Entertainment Blog - On behalf of Dan Gilbert, Danny Ferry, Mike Brown, and LeBron James...thanks for the congratulatory words. Go Cavs.