Friday, March 20, 2009

Flying High: Dayton Wins 68-60

Lets not lie about, there is at least (1) couch on fire in Dayton's Ghetto right now, at least (16) keg stands in play, and a game of drinking Olympics that I don't expect to end until at least Sunday morning. And why not?

The (11) seeded Dayton Flyers ran away from the Bob Huggins' West Virginia squad for the first marquee upset of this years Tournament.

As a whole, Dayton brought the game to WVU on the offensive end, attacking the rim relentlessly all game long. Defensively, Dayton did not allow WVU to ever get into any kind of rhythm, as Brian Gregory's club held the Mountaineers at bay, forcing them to operate from the perimeter all day long. Chris Wright was solid for the Flyers, going for 27 and 10 in the contest.

Next up for Dayton, is Kansas, and despite the fact that the Jayhawks are defending national champs, and are a (3) seed, this year, this is another game Dayton could win...I don't want to be near the Ghetto if that happens - or do I?


DejaTrue said...

Great piece Shaver!!!! This is what makes March Madness the greatest sporting event all year long!!! D-A-Y-Teeeeeeee-O-N!!!! The Ghetto is where you want to be!!!!

Shaver Sports said...

I can only imagine what that strip of college houses is gonna look like tonight!