Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stein Ranks Cavs #2; Takes Swipe at Legler

Mark Stein has his Power Rankings up on ESPN and currently has the 57-13 - best record in the NBA - Cavaliers ranked #2 overall behind the Lakers. What I found interesting though, wasn't the ranking, but the comment he had up, that appears to be a not so subtle swipe at fellow ESPNer Tim Legler. Legs, if you recall, made the following ill-informed comment last week about why Cleveland was atop the Eastern Conference:

"Cleveland is 4.5 games in front of Boston and five games ahead of Orlando, and with the exception of Ben Wallace, the Cavaliers are the one team that is not dealing with injuries."

Now I know Cleveland let out a collective huh? in response to Legler's comments, but I was please to see that Mark Stein did too. Stein, had the following comment posted about the Cavaliers:

"They might not rise higher than No. 2 here, but don't make the mistake of suggesting that the Cavs have the league's best record by default. They've had as many injuries (Delonte, Ben, Big Z and now Wally) as anyone."

Good point Stein, now go remind Legler that, and bump them up to #1 while you're at it.


citylife80 said...

The Lakers beat the Cavs twice, and you want them at number 1? You need to learn about winning. I know your not used to it.

Shaver Sports said...

citylife80 - I am well aware of our lack of winning around here, but c'mon man...its not crazy to think the Cavaliers could have a Power Ranking of #1...ESPN's John Hollinger has them #1, Stein has them #2, and they do have the best record in the entire NBA...give me a break pal.

Sports Waste Management said...

"citylife80", the cavs beat the spurs twice in the regular season in '07 too, but that didn't get them anywhere in the finals. Bottom line is that the Cavs are in the driver's seat for the overall #1 seed, and rankings are meaningless until the finals.

Shaver Sports said...

S.W.M - Good Points