Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Austin Carr Line of the Night

While I have brought you before some of my favorite A.C. lines of a given game, we are going to increase the frequency of that with the new series creatively titled: Austin Carr Line of the Night. How'd we come up with that right? I know, impressive. Without further ado:

The situation (5:24 left in the first quarter)...

Big Z hit the deck for a loose ball, tapped it out to Mo Williams. Mo then skipped it across the defense, throwing it into the corner to Delonte, who then rotated it over to LeBron as the shot clock expired. LeBron hit a three to make the score 16-12 as the buzzer to the shot clock went off.

As they went to commercial, after that play, Austin Carr said the following as the replay rolled:

"Big Z, going to the floor, then gets a pass, over the top Mo Williams, back to him, LeBron James, Deep - I'm not gonna say it."

Would have been a drink (1) if he had said "Deep in the - American Airlines Arena -and he knew it.

Nice work A.C...that was classic!


DejaTrue said...

I have to say the birth of MO FLO is one of my favorite all time lines by our favorite AC! He even referenced how many MO FLO's we had gotten during the given game. "That is the second Mo Flo tonight..." I like it and should add a couple drinks for when Mo is Flowing!

Colt45TwoZigZags said...

It seems the both of you are huge Austin Carr fans. I must admit he is an interesting character as far as sportscasters go. However, sometimes I think he borders on illiterate or maybe even retardation. In fact, I would not be surprised if Ol' Austin hit ye ol happy hour before each and every game. Im not saying by any stretch of the imagination that A.C. isn't a good guy but I would have to say he ranks third on the list of less than competent Cleveland sportscasters. Here are the first two:

(1) Bernie Kosar: Yes a great QB, yes a hometown boy, yes...an awful sportscaster. During this years preseason games I would lay 10 to 1odds that Bernie was probably hammered and/or sniffing vikey of a compact mirror before calling games. When you mention your divorce on air during a football game...I mean...yikes.

(2) Bob Golic: Also a hometown boy but Bobby G started hammering gin during his stint on Saved by the Bell the College Years (maybe because he never hit the skins with a supple college age Kelly Kapowski) and never stopped. I believe he called some preseason games and was also on Fox 8 News for awhile and looked like your drunk uncle at a wedding, mullet and all.