Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Karl Formula Has Cavaliers On Top

This post was sent to us from Diego Lo Mein...a stat guru, and Cleveland sports aficianado.

Micheal Reghi was recently discussing the Karl formula on ESPN 850 WKNR, which he says is the best way to rank teams during a given season. The Karl formula is used to see where NBA teams stand, how they measure up to each other, and to take into account how many home and road games a given team had played.

The way the Karl formula works is to take your road wins, and subtract your home losses, to come up with a number. I guess George Karl came up with this.

Anyways, if you look at that, the Cavs are way ahead, with a net of 20. The breakdown is below:

Cleveland: 21 - 1 = 20
Boston: 22 - 5 = 17
LA Lakers: 21 - 4 = 17
Orlando: 21 - 7 = 14
San Antonio: 20 - 8 = 12

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