Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marissa Coleman Can Sure Eat A Lot of Kids

The Battle Cry of the Maryland Terrapins Women's Basketball squad is well documented at this juncture. For whatever reason, these girls 'Eat Kids', and break every huddle with a 1-2-3- Eat Kids chant. And Marissa Coleman in particular, could probably eat the entire Brady Bunch in one sitting. She was a monster yesterday, scoring 42 points and grabbing 15 rebounds. Her stats, while staggering for the women's game, weren't really what caught my attention though. Her highlights on ESPN did. This girl flat out scared me. She's nasty, and if Greivus Vasquez had her running the wing, the Men's team might still be in the tourney. I want to drop a Jim Rome style 'Man's Game B----" on her out of respect for her performance, but I'm too afraid for my family that she'd take it the wrong way, so I'll just say - Good game Marissa, you really ate 'em up!

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