Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Around the Blogosphere: Bray, Chuck, AV


Profootball talk had a post up yesterday detailing the specifics of the soap opera that is the Cleveland Browns wide-receiving core. While making mention of the Dante Stallworth situation, the signing of David Patten - again - and the release of Joe Jurevicious, they also had the details of the Braylon Edwards trade rumors.

PFT quoted George Kokinis as saying they (Browns) entertained the possibility of trading Braylon, but look forward to having him on their team. PFT had the following interpretation of those comments, and I can' t imagine they are too far off:

"Kokinis also seems to be indirectly suggesting that Edwards remains available if the price is right."

I am not saying the Browns are wrong either way, trade him, don't trade him, I don't care...but they need to decide, and decide now, because if they don't...you think the Jay Cutler thing is getting ugly!

Chuck Barkley:

I appreciate what Waiting For Next Year had to say last week in regards to his most recent comments, and I just have to wonder why TNT still employs this guy. As Frank Caliendo would say, I'm 'tired, tired, tired' of this of this windbag. I would like for him ot just go back to prison for a while, and be reminded of the fact that the only pick he'll end up being right about this year is the one he made on opening night, when hell froze over, and he picked the Cavaliers to win the East...even though he was wrong about the starting five in that same breath.

Aston Villa:

Lastly, its now official, Browns Owner Randy Lerner is the proud owner of (2) teams that are referred to in the national sports world as 'hapless.' This according to The Big Lead...Red Devil Collapse:

"After Liverpool’s 5-0 beating of now hapless Aston Villa, the gap at the top is only one point, pending United’s game in hand."

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