Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zags Oust Zips: 77-64

With about (15) minutes left in the second half, Akron was leading 4th seeded Gonzaga 52-51. From there, during a (13) minute stretch, Gonzaga went on a 23-3 run to push the score out to 74-55. Akron's (3) points during that period came on (3) free throws. They did not hit a shot from the field until Roberts connected on (3) for the Zips with 2:06 to go in the game, to cut the margin to 74-58, in favor of Mark Few's Zags. Even though I can't stand the guy, and wish he would have been busted with all those drugs this year, instead of last year, Josh Heytfelt proved to be too much inside, and Akron had no answer for him - even though Chris McNight did all he could to mix it up with him inside. The Zips represented well though, and came out with a lot of energy in the first half. Linhart was tough, had (13) of his (15) in the period, and did all he could for the 330, but it was not enough. Hats off to Dambrot and company on a solid year.


Sports Waste Management said...

heytvelt is climbing the ladder as one of the all time douches in the ncaa tourney. i have him a rung below cherokee parks. The a hole flops when a point guard leans on him, and give the "AHHHH" when he pulls down a big board between 2 teammates. Nice Goatee and stupid tattoos, Heyt. Enjoy your exit from the tournament, your lack of toughness will do you in again.

Shaver Sports said...

S.W.M. - I agree with your sentiments...J-Heyt is a joke...can't wait to see him and Gonzaga head back Washington with a second round 'L.'