Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LeBron, Kobe, AC, and Screamin A

Screamin A. Smith just said on ESPN that he felt Kobe's 61 point performance at the Garden was better than LeBron...Screamin must have really got a kick out of the additional nine points Kobe scored on Monday...hey Smith, LeBron accounted for 74 points and your boy Kobe, who you keep nudging on Facebook, accounted for 67. LeBron grabbed 10 boards as well, and Mamba tallied 0.

My favorite line of the night from the best broadcaster in the biz last night came with about 4:32 left in the 4th Quarter, when AC said the following:

"The L-Train has been devastating tonight."

Simple, effective, sincere, and descriptive. Drink (1).

I have a new JD Shaver Post up on Midwest Sports Fan currently in their Featured NBA section, but I wanted to add a couple of notes that I stumbled across last night.

In response to Kobe going for 61, Mike D'Antoni said of his defense strategy on the Mamba:

“We tried to do the rope-a-dope a little bit where he might shoot himself out, but he didn’t,” D’Antoni said. “He just kept on going.”

...and you tried it again Wednesday. There is a reason you are the first person to think of that strategy for Basketball Mike, it doesn't work.

...With 2:35 left in the first quarter last night, LeBron was at that point beating the Knicks himself, 18-17. The overall score at that point was 26-17.

On the Dan Patrick Radio Show Wednesday, Doc Rivers said of Kobe and LeBron:

"Kobe might be the most talented player in the league, but I don't know if he is the best the way LeBron is playing this season."

Agreed Doc.


Oh yeah, and Ray Allen gets the nod over Mo...don't get me started.


Anonymous said...

hi guys,love the site.I agree,Lebron's game was obviously better.Put it this way,if 'Bron & kobe switched box scores,those idiots would be saying Kobe's was more impressive!that's just the way it is,just like Mo getting screwed,and the only way the Cav's can stick it to punks like Smith is by winning a championship.For themselves & us fans.Also Lebron assisted on 7 three's in the game,meaning he had a hand in 81 pts!Keep up the good work and go Cav's.

Shaver Sports said...

Tim...appreciate the comment. Thats is a great point about if they switched box scores, couldn't agree more! Also, thanks for the heads up on the 81...nice bit of info...and go Cavs Sunday!