Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Austin Carr on the Austin Carr Drinking Game

The Cleveland Scene Magazine picked up on the Austin Carr Drinking Game, and currently has a story up on their website about it. While Shaver Sports or JD Shaver couldn't get a shout out in the piece - despite posting about it on the MWF as well as posting the rules three Mondays ago - they do have an interview with Austin Carr, and it is worth the read nonetheless.

Below are excepts of the interview with Carr from the article:

Scene: Do you script any of what you're going to say?
Austin Carr: No, it just kind of happens. I just try to be myself.

AC on the popularity of the game:

"I think winning has a lot to do with that," says Carr. "My kids told me about it. They haven't played it and I don't understand how it goes. I heard Kenny [Roda] talking about it."

AC on an example of how he gets his material:

"I was actually talking to the trainer and I had been looking for something to describe the way the team's been playing without two of their starters," says Carr. "And we were talking, and he said, 'This team is going to be battle-tested when Z and Delonte come back.' And I thought that was perfect. That's kind of how things happen."


Additionally, Shaver Sports did also speak with Bill Lubinger of the Plain Dealer about the game last week as well. Bill contacted us through email, and followed up with a phone call while researching the ACDG. While Bill may or may not end up writing an article about the ACDG, it was nice to chat with him, and we appreciate him keeping an eye on the happenings here at Shaver Sports.

Click Here for the latest from Bill Lubinger at Cleveland.com.

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