Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shaq to Cleveland? Shazam!

With the Suns coming to Cleveland tonight, just go ahead and picture their 7' 350 pound center who shoots 60% from the FT line suiting up in Cavalier gear? No way you say...the rumor is gaining momentum. Shaq has been quoted recently as saying he would love to play alongside LeBron, and the '2 Live Stews' reported this rumor as legitimate today on their radio show out of Atlanta. Whether it happens or not, how about this starting 5: Mo Williams, Delonte West, LeBron, Zydrunas and That line-up is awesome for this season, and I don't really care what it does for the cap. Who do the Cavs move to make it happen? I don't know really. Maybe Wally's contract, Snows, and something else? It appears the Suns are just trying to blow it up - trading Amare, Nash rumors, and Shaq as well. They need expiring contracts and Wally and Snow would provide that.

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Max_In_Missouri said...

Ah, this would have been so awesome! I just pray that it happens in the offseason this year....would be so freakin' sweet for everyone involved!