Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From the Corner Office of Top Men

Browns Rumors

*The Browns are actively shopping Derek Anderson, with the current asking price a 2nd rounder or two 3rds.
*Cleveland will be in the market for a veteran backup QB/Quinn mentor to replace recently cut and soon to be retired Ken Dorsey.
*They also looking to add a power back and would throw tons of money at Brandon Jacobs. Jamal Lewis will not be back. Another possibility is Larry Johnson. KC is looking to trade him, or more likely will release him due to his high salary.

Indians/MLB Talk

*Former Indian Robbie Alomar is being sued for 15 million for having unprotected sex with his girlfriend after being diagnosed with AIDS. The only person excited about this news is A-Fraud.
* What 2 things do all of these players have in common: Jose Canseco, ARod, Rafael Palmerio, Sammy Sosa (allegedly), John Rocker, Juan Gonzalez, Ken Caminiti, Ismael Valdez? They all spent time in the Texas organization and are all connected to steroids. Canseco planted the seed in his book, and little by little he is being proven correct.
*Hmmm..That gets Top Men thinking...Who else spent time in Texas? None other that Travis Hafner. I'm not saying, I'm just saying....
*Speaking of Jose Canseco, he has sent a letter to Union head Donald Fehr and Commish Bud Selig to "help baseball take additional strides in getting beyond the negativity of performance-enhancing drugs" I am sure this is just what Bud wants. The self-proclaimed "Godfather of Steroids" in baseball helping clean up the game.

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