Sunday, February 8, 2009

LeBron v. Kobe...Tip-off at 3:30

On ESPN this morning Jon Barry said the following in regards to the impact of the MVP race on today's Cavaliers - Lakers match-up:

"If Kobe Bryant goes in, with his Lakers, stops this streak (Cavs undefeated at home) they sweep Cleveland, Kobe is the leader in the club house, it is his MVP race to lose."

Barry did go on to pick the Cavaliers to win, inferring that the Lakers win at Boston over the weekend took a lot out of LA. While noting that, it should also be noted - when referring to a possibly sweep of the Cavaliers - that Kobe won the first game in LA while LeBron was down two starters. Delonte West and Z did not play. Now I can already hear the Kobe honks, honking it up if Cleveland does win saying they won without Bynum, but the way I look at it, today, both teams are down (1) starter - so its even. Let's tip it up.

I am expecting a performance today similar to the one that LeBron and D-Wade had going on a Sunday in Cleveland a couple years ago, except ratcheted up a bit. The scalpers are feeling it too. Reports are that the cheapest way you can get into the Q today is for upwards of $150 for a loudville ticket. Should be fun. Go Cavs.


Hebbs said...

No Bynum, sick Kobe.
Cleveland Sucks, and this proves it.
LeBron is an overrated cry baby, and will leave Cleveland as soon as he gets the chance. You are lucky the Cavs are in the Eastern Conference.

Shaver Sports said...

Hebbs...Good win today by the Lakers, but a couple things here in response. The first is by 'lucky the Cavs are in the East' you do realize the defending NBA champs are from the Eastern Conference, and currently 3 out of the top 4 teams in the NBA reside in the conference you say it is lucky to be in as well. Also, while LeBron may well leave Cleveland one day, an "over-rated crybaby" is not really all to accurate of a depiction.

Mike from Illinois said...

Tough loss for you guys Sunday against the Lakers.

The Lakers really dominated the stats, outshooting the Cavs by almost ten percentage points from the field and 12 percentage points from the free throw line, along with a fantastic 25/6 assist/turnover ratio.

The only thing the Cavs had going for them was three point shooting, as they outscored the Lakers 33-9 from long range, but the Lakers outscored the Cavs in two-point field goals 80-46.

LeBron did a nice job dishing the ball with 12 assists, but he couldn't get it going shootingwise, going just 5 for 20.

Szcerbiak continues to impress off the bench, with 16 points. Against the Magic on January 29th, he scored 14 points in the first half off the bench. He's a legitimate threat for you guys for sure.

Thanks for stopping by my blog,

I'll be checking out your blog periodically the rest of the season, as the Magic are only 1 1/2 games behind the Cavs in the East, and play you guys twice more this season (possibly could be a semifinal or final matchup in the Eastern playoffs, too).

I was counting on the Magic being the first team to beat you guys in Cleveland, but the Lakers beat the Magic to it... maybe we'll be the second team to do it (but with Jameer Nelson being out, it's a big loss for the Magic).

Andy said...

I'm pretty sure the MVP isn't decided by team performance in two out of 82 games; I think it's the individual who performs best over the entire season, no?

I know dudes like Jon Barry have to say things like that to sound edgy, but LeBron has clearly been the better player this year.