Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mo Williams on ESPN Radio

Before anyone tries to make the Mo Williams interview yesterday on the Tirico and Van Pelt Show something that it wasn't, such as an outlandish, daringly brash, cocky guarantee, listen to the interview. The interview with Mo is on ESPN's podcast, and it starts with about 15:05 to go on the 2/24 podcast, and goes to about the 22 minute mark.

Why we still talk about guarantees I do not know. Its not really that cool, interesting, or cutting edge, but apparently people like Screamin A. still get excited about them. Scream was filling in for Tirico yesterday, and Mo's answer to his throwaway question at the end is what people are calling a big, bold, guarantee.

Screamin said: "Are you going to the NBA finals?"

To which Mo said: "Yes, that's for sure."

So what would you have preferred Mo to say there? No, we don't think we are. Or how about, we needed Shaq to do that. Or maybe, not without Amar'e? No, I like the answer, and that's what I want to hear. Enough losing. Tell me we are going to win for sure. I can at least enjoy the idea of it for the rest of the day.

With that aside, I did think the All Star PG hit a couple interesting points in the interview. He thanked the Bucks for doing him a favor and trading him to Cleveland, which was funny, and he also said that what impresses him the most about LeBron is his 'work ethic' and 'how he can bring guys together around him.' He said that 'LeBron can blend in and have normal conversations with anyone around him, and that, in my opinion, separates him from other mega stars, from what I have heard about other people.'


kyle said...

Screamin A-hole is an idiot. Perfect answer by Mo.

Shaver Sports said...

kyle...agreed. I like the moniker, Screamin A-Hole Smith...nice work!