Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From the Desk of DejaTrue...Signing Day

Buckeyes Score Big on College signing day.

Or did they? I will tell you for sure in the fall of 2012. In the economically strained climate we live in today we hear more and more about financial buyouts. Its not an entirely new idea, its been going on since John D Rockefeller (not to be confused with Rockafella) bought out every railroad company in te US. In CFB it is no different, except we call it “National Signing Day.” As one Prep Head Football coached referred to it,

“Signing Days is the largest national annual buyout this country has ever seen. Millions of dollars are poured into kids all over the country who [some] have no business being in the presence of college professors.”

The analogy to business is this. With the Internet, handheld PDAs, text messaging, and the birth of “trained” talent scouts rating millions of High School players all over the country, every coach is blinded with information as to whom they should invest in. The list is predetermined. If you land this player, you get a high mark. Who cares if maybe a Jim Tressel sees a chink in the armor of a highly touted kid, if he passes on him, and Penn State gets him, that is a good for Penn State when it come to recruiting. And lets not kid ourselves, College Football is big business, and just as in business if an investment fails so too does the investor.

Therefore, put yourself in Jim Tressel position. On this day you need to make 100% correct short line investments or out the door you go. Now, when you got into the profession you were well aware of this game. Then came Zack Morris’ cell phone, car phones, pagers, internet, email, text messaging, hand-held internet, and you have had to adapt to all of this on the run. You have also been “exposed.” Every move is analyzed, dissected, and examined. And what is it worth, well its worth your starting position out the gate in 2009. At this point, the AP polls are already being generated for the season to come, based on the kids you signed just now.

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