Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Notorious Cavs

You may have clicked on it already. I posted the link in the sidebar on Monday night, and wanted to see anybody noticed it at first. When I was sent this You Tube Link on Monday by someone that found it, I thought c'mon. A rap song about the Cavaliers set to the Notorious BIG and Bone Thugs Collabo Notorious Thugs...weak right? Well take a listen to the song and then let me know. Its Hilarious. Well played fellas.

A couple of my favorite lines include:

'Better Run and Tell the Celtics'...'and play some D, some D, some D'...'Big Z, Wally for 3.'

This song puts the Super Bowl Shuffle to shame.

The You Tube link is as follows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTZS6q6T2F4


Anonymous said...

we've got more James than Worthy? wow..Thats hilarious.

DejaTrue said...

just all around great song!! they do a great job with combining everything that is important to the cavs and their basketball!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody has to send this to Reghi and Rizzo. Great stuff.

DejaTrue said...

Already sent my good man! Also on the receiving end was mike and mike, Rome, and Texas mullet haters favorite Cleveland sports mouth Munch!

Cleveland Frowns said...

great find, Shaver. fantastic.

Shaver Sports said...

Cleveland Frowns - thanks, appreciate that!