Friday, February 13, 2009

From The Desk of DejaTrue

College Hoops Rivalry Week

When talking rivalries pf all sorts you first speak of Red Sox Yankees, Celtics Lakers, Browns Steelers, Buckeyes Wolverines and of course Blue Devils Tar Heels. But, what you must focus on is a rivalry that is very much alive and focused on all year long that has been brewing in southern Ohio for a long time; Dayton Flyers vs. Xavier Musketeers. Xavier has been the marquee mid-major team for long time as far back as when the Cavs' own Tyrone Hill was wearing the XU across his chest. Who is often forgot about is the team that challenges the 'mid-major marquee' year after year. The Flyers give the Musketeers a run for their money often three times a year. An A10 title runs through I75 every year. Xavier has been on the upside as of late but for Dayton residents and UD students goes there is only two games they concern themselves with whole-heartedly with and it rhymes with FU!

Wednesday night when most of the country was wondering which team would go up in smoke on tobacco road, the Miami River Valley was flooding with excitement. The Flyers entered the game unranked and on the bubble of an NCAA bid at 22-3 against a lock to the tourney No. 14 Xavier Musketeers. To no surprise of the most intelligent college basketball fans in the country, Dayton not only won the game but flew past FUXU by 13 points in a game not even as close as the score indicated for a 71-58 victory. 

Duke NC rivalry pales in comparison to the I75 showdown of Dayton Xavier. This is exemplified when Shaver Sports interviewed a UD Alum, "If Brian Gregory loses another to Xavier I will murder one of his daughters." Now, Shaver Sports definitely does not condone any action such as that, and truth be told the man who said that is actually a pacifist living in Portland, it is proof as to where this game stands in importance. Congratulations goes out the the UD faithful as well as the Gregory family.

This win not only put the Flyers in a tie for second with XU, behind only St. Joesephs, who the Flyers already beat, it puts them in the driver seat to a first round bye in the A10 tourny. It very well might have sprayed their bubble right into the NCAA tourny regardless of what happens in the conference tournament due to the win earlier in the season against Marquette who right now stands at #10 in the AP poll. We can assure, along with the Gregory family, the  'Ghetto' fans have been sleeping soundly 


Sports Waste Management said...

Deja - You need to settle down some, your zest for the rivalry made for a choppy story. You might want to run these across John Shaver's desk before posting them.

Anonymous said...

Sports Waste Management:
You might want to run your face across John Shaver's desk before I crush it.

DrunkenScotsman said...

I really liked the article but your grammar was crap. I give the article an A- and think that you could do better. Try getting a little bit of help from J.D. about proper punctuation and I'll follow your stories more.

Lebron said...

Drunken Scotsman:
I think you should write an article before you criticize.
I for one, enjoyed it. It is nice to read an article as if it were a convertation.
Obviously, if you are posting on a blog site, you have no real journalistic experience, so if I were you, I would bite my tongue, and go back to wasting your life away.
Just my two cents.

Freson said...

Go Flyers.
To the haters not liking this story. Go root for Duke, the Yankees, the Patriots, and Florida.
Nobody gives a shit what you think. Let people appreciate a fucking article.

Sports Waste Management said...

Just looking out for the quality control for Mr. Shaver. Someone's got to call out Deja True for PUI. Posting Under the Influence. For the record, I enjoyed the article.

Shaver Sports said...

Great stuff by everybody...nice to see sports waste management, drunken scots man, LeBron, and even Freson involved in the banter! Are the Flyers are tournament team? Marquette thinks so, but we shall see!!