Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brian Windhorst: "Cavs not desperate"

On the Really Big Show this morning, Cavs beat writer Brian Windhorst said the Cavs are in the drivers seat with just hours to go until the trade deadline. He said the Cavs are happy with what they have, and getting everyone healthy for the remainder of the year would be equivalent to them making a move.

He did say that the Cavs DO have a bunch of lines in the water, but they are waiting to see what the other teams decide to do. Being 30 games over .500 and an attractive expiring contract, teams that are looking to dump salary now may be willing to lessen their demands to deal with the Cavs.

Specifically mentioned as possibilities were Raef LaFrentz out of Portland, and maybe even a possibility of Tyson Chandler OR James Posey from the Hornets, who the Cavs were after in the off season.


DejaTrue said...

nothing happened an i like it that way. a piece or two might have looked good from the outside but the chemistry is too good right now. If you read anything about the "string theory" you would understand any small change could inevitably cause giant ripples. Ferry must have kept this idea on his back burner.

Shaver Sports said...

good point deja...I agree