Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fifty Five Reasons Why He is the King

The best thing that Drew Gooden ever said as a Cavalier was when he called LeBron 'Video Game James' after going for 50 one night while the Rat Tail Patch was playing here, and sitting for all of the 4th quarter, before getting dealt to the Bulls and then the Kings in less than a season. LeBron was Video Game James again last night though - definetely. When he hit the sky hook in the 1st quarter it was like look out. If he goes to that move inside he is unstoppable - like flames are coming from his basketball in NBA Jam unstoppable. But then he went on, and made like Reggie Miller, crossing half court and nailing one after another - Deep, in the Bradley Center (1 pt) and the momentum meter in the top corner of the screen was about to burst. Even Z said something about LeBron looking like he was playing Nintendo Wii - and after he said it I couldn't help picture Z playing Nintendo Wii Tennis in his living room...but I digress. What was most impressive about the (55) LeBron scored last night was that they needed all of them. They were down double digits when he hit most of them, and the 3rd quarter was spectacular when he brought them all the way back. Its just awesome to watch. It makes you wonder too, with a guy like that on your team, you have to be insane to tell me that 'he' needs Amare Stoudemire, Shaq, Richard Jeffereson, or Marcus Camby to 'help him' win anything. No, I think he'll be okay with what he's got. He already went to the finals with Marshall, Jones, Gooden, and Hughes.

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