Friday, February 27, 2009

Fox Sports: NBA Over / Under Paid

Fox Sports has a list up right now of their (10) most overpaid, and (10) most underpaid, players in the NBA. At the top of each list is a Cavalier. I agree wholeheartedly with one. Their most underpaid player in the NBA is LeBron, and that is a fact. While he will be a max player in 2010, he is not now, and obviously he should be. Coming in at number (1) on the most overpaid list in the NBA is Ben Wallace. Now I kinda agree here, and I kinda don't. His numbers are certainly down, he has certainly lost a step, he can't really jump anymore, and he is having some trouble with the old 'dunk' shot (even when healthy, reports are he broke his fibula last night against Houston), however...he is still better than Larry Hughes. Like this morning, with a broken fibula, he is still better than Larry. How Hughes didn't even make this list I don't know, he absolutely belongs there. There are only 35 NBA players that make more money than Larry Hughes, and there are about 1,000 guys I would rather have on my team instead of Hughes, including Big Ben, shaved head, or otherwise.


Captain Obvious said...

Most Overpaid Cleveland Media Member: Bill Lubinger

Most Underpaid: JD Shaver

Keep up the good work. Dont know where the PD would get its leads if you stopped

Shaver Sports said...

Captain...I agree, I am going to print this comment off and use it in my quartely review with the Top Man...JD.