Thursday, February 19, 2009

NBA Trade Deadline: 3PM

As the trade deadline quickly approaches, the Cavs have been involved in numerous rumors. Wally's expiring contract is a big bargaining chip and rumors were the Cavs were trying to acquire Clips F Marcus Camby (Clips want Andy or someone in addition to Wally), or Suns F Amare Stoudamire (doesnt seem that the Cavs have or want to give up enough to get him), or even Sacramento center Brad Miller (too late-traded to Chicago).

As Danny Ferry proved last year, anything can happen. One name that was off the table that may be back on it is Joe Smith. Smith was part of the Tyson Chandler deal to OKC that fell through. Smith played well for the Cavs last year as part of their trade deadline blockbuster. He wouldn't be a scoring threat, or a legitimate Center like Miller, but he is 6'10", adds depth and has played in this system, with this team so he wouldn't disrupt the chemistry. There would probably be someone else involved in this deal, Wally for Smith seems like a stretch.

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