Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rumors Out of Phoenix: Amare?

There is something going on with the Cavaliers, and Phoenix starting front line. The word earlier in the week was that the price tag was too high for Amare, and that the Big Cactus was on the block, and possibly heading to the 216. However, how much interest really exists for Amare. Reportedly the Knicks and Cavaliers are in the most legitimate talks right now. But just like it ended up shaking out with Micheal Redd, Micheal Redd, and we get his teammate Mo Williams, a similar scenario could be playing out here with Shaq and Amare. A lot of things line up here too. Besides the fact that the Suns are trying to blow it up, Steve Kerr and Danny Ferry were teammates in their playing days -kinda like, McHale and Ainge? And while the latter relationship resulted in KG, the former could result in Amare. Assuming your starting line-up includes Mo, Delonte, LeBron, Amare, Z...that's nasty. No more rebuilding, it would be built.

...So who could the Cavaliers deal. Wally's contract, maybe Snow, JJ Hickson's name is coming up, and possibly Gibson. Not a crazy scenario. Frees up a ton of money for the Suns, the upside for Hickson is legitimate, and Gibson could fit into the top 7 or 8 in Phoenix and contribute while not making too much money.

All eyes on the Desert, this might get interesting. I would put nothing past Ferry at this point either, because, to date, if you say he has been anything short of brilliant, your lying.

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