Monday, February 9, 2009

23 and 1...Cavs Lose First Game at Home

Sometimes a loss is just a loss. Doesn't mean the Cavaliers are fatally flawed, doesn't mean they can't compete with the best in the NBA, doesn't even mean they couldn't beat the Lakers in a Seven Game Series. Sometimes its just ugly and your team looses. Despite a 20 point effort from Z, the bigs got outplayed Sunday by Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Does it mean the Cavaliers need to add another big? I don't think so. If the other Cavalier bigs had their best game of the season and still got dominated I would say they do. But Ben had his worst game maybe ever, Varejeo was at best average, and Hickson was a complete non-factor. I would venture to guess all three won't have they type of outing in the same game ever again. I would also bet my house that Lamar Odom doesn't get 28 and 17 ever again in his life.


While I did watch the ABC feed for the national perspective, I did miss hearing Uncle Austin. And while usually I will give you my favorite AC line of the game, this time the line of the game comes from the man made famous by fighting the shin of Alonzo Mourning, Jeff Van Gundy. While commenting on a story by Mike Breen that while Z was rehabing he got back in shape by playing Danny Ferry in one on one games JVG had the following to say:

"That had to be one of the slowest games of one on one ever played. Danny Ferry even in his younger days was slow. I can only imagine how slow he is now."

Agreed Jeff. However, I must add this about Ferry as a player. As more and more of this season goes by, I feel better and better about Danny Ferry "for three" the basketball player. While still doesn't mean I think GM Wayne Embry should have traded Ron Harper for him, I do think Owner Dan Gilbert made the absolute right choice in hiring him.


Wally Szcerbiak - Speaking of Danny Ferry I have done a complete 180 in regards to my stance on a particular tradable commodity by the name of Walter Scerbiak. Previously, he was the only guy I was willing to move on the Cavaliers roster, if you were going to trade anybody. Now I'm gonna say you gotta keep Wally. He has been shooting the ball well of late, and if he can bring that stroke into the playoffs...look out Cleveland. To be fair to Wally, it was just last year this time he joined the team, and now that he is about a year in, he is playing his best basketball as a Cavaliers...kinda makes sense really.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with not moving Wally, but some how this team has to come up with a post presence on offense. With Z hanging out at 18 feet, andy and ben blowing dunks and layups didn't cut it vs. the fakers, and won't cut it in the nba finals