Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rob Ryan. Leaving to coach with Brother?

Eric Mangini has already faced some tough critics with the press his first few weeks on the job. So he had an old mural painted over. So what? But Shaver Sports inside sources say the one leaking some of these stories is none other than new Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan. If you remember, Rob was hired prior to his brother Rex, being names as Eric Mangini's replacement.

If he is upset that he signed with the Browns, its his fault. Why wouldn't he wait to see if his bro was going to get any offers? Why hurry to sign with the Browns? If he wants to go- let him. Something tells me if it really is Ryan leaking things to the press, Mangini's time on the set of the Soprano's wont allow him to stand for having a rat in Berea.

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