Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Couple Cavalier Related Thoughts...

* I am glad Danny Ferry did not make a move at the deadline, and I think the Cavaliers are going to be better off down the stretch as a result. I have a post up on Midwest Sports Fans discussing this topic: Danny Ferry Makes the Right Move at the Deadline - Again.

* The guy I used to think was the best GM in Basketball is bringing his club to the Q tonight, but these days I am not sure even Joe Dumars knows what he wants to do. He looked good when they added Sheed some years back, but since then, there has been (3) coaches, declining win totals, and now Allen Iverson? With the Pistons (14) plus back in the division coming into tonight, I expect the Cavaliers to make short work of Tayshaun and company. I'll be down there, so I hope so.

* Reports are out of Boston that Kevin Garnett will miss 2-3 weeks. Not that you want anyone to be injured, but with the Big Ticket sidelined, and Skip to My Lou replaceing Jameer Nelson in Orlando, you gotta think that it looks like thing are lining up for a 1 seed in the playoffs, whether David Stern likes it or not.

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