Monday, February 2, 2009

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Kelly “the Italian Stallion” Pavlik?

Remember during the cold war when an Italian from Philly was determined to dish out some brotherly love on a goliath-like Russian boxer? No, not the Rumble in the Jungle, I am referring to the Rocky "Italian Stallion" Balboa vs. Ivan "the Superhuman" Drago bout. As viewers of this heroic battle between good and evil we know where the bout was won...the turning point came during preparation. Rocky was working out in a barn in the snow with below freezing Russian temperatures. “Eye of the Tiger” started up and the Rick James anthem was tossed aside. It was time to prepare again, and there is only one way Micky knew how to prepare. However, the debate about boxing preparation has always been, when does exposure turn into over-exposure?

I know Micks answer and Micks style, and it looks like the Ghost’s trainer Mr. Jack Loew must have tuned into The Versus network over the weekend. Normally Pavlik's training regimen is open to the public, and it was during the Bernard Hopkins prep time, however:

"Trainer Jack Loew has put the clamps on Pavlik's workouts, keeping the media and well-wishing friends out of his newly located Southside Gym on Market Street."

It’s safe to say Adrian is sleeping in a different bed, Rick James is singing at the nearest karaoke bar, while the band "Survivor" and Middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik is training as usual in Youngstown for his Feb. 21 title defense against Marco Antonio Rubio at the Chevrolet Centre. Its safe to say after the beat down Hopkins put on the ghost a return to his roots is much needed. Nothing to be ashamed of though, the Stallion did the same thing after Mr. T pitied the fool in Madison Square Garden.

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Aww Snap, man thats a great point! Get after em ghost!