Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chuck Doesn't Like the Starting 5

But he does like the Cavs to win the East...suprising pick in that it is from Sir Charles - a perennial Cleveland hater. Barkley doesn't like the Mo Williams and Delonte West Back Court though, but despite the loss last night, I like it. I think the Willams - West backcourt, with LBJ running the wing, brings not only a speed, and a tempo to the floor in the open court, but also a fluidity in the half court that the Cavs have not had in LBJ's tenure. Chuck made mention of his Cavs to win the East pick during the TNT halftime show, and also mentioned that he thought Pavlovic or Sczerbiak should be in the starting line-up over Delonte West. He said that Wally or Sasha would enable the Cavs to spread the floor, and open up more driving lanes for LeBron. Honestly, that is what I thought as well when the Cavs traded for Mo, but after watching last night, I am on the side of Coach Mike Brown in this debate. Wally is a standstill shooter, and Sasha's jumpshot is suspect at best. I like the ability of Mo and Delonte to not only hit from the perimeter, but to also attack the hard close out off the dribble, in attack of the basket. The more the defense moves, the more driving lanes for the King.

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