Tuesday, September 16, 2008

29.7 Million Watched Us Loose This Weekend

As a Northeast Ohio Football Fan, it was a tough weekend for me, and everyone else around here. We got rolled on Saturday night when the Buckeyes got embarrassed, and we got smacked in the grill on Sunday too, just as we were trying to stand up from the previous nights beat down by the hated Steelers. I realize it was rough. I did not realize until reading today's post on Awful Announcing just how many people watched our National Title hopes get stomped, laughed at, and thrown in the trash, followed by the Steelers making us say uncle again...that total was 11.9 million households on Saturday, and 17.8 million on Sunday, for a total of nearly 30 million households nationally. The only thing that makes this a little bit better is the fact that it did not draw the audience that the Monday nighter drew...an alltime high of 18 million.

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