Thursday, September 25, 2008

Could Brady Be Worse Than These Guys?

Currently, Derek Anderson has a passer rating of 43.5 for the 2008 Season. The only QB with a worse rating is KC Chiefs QB extraordinaire' Tyler Thigpen, who is clocking in dead-last with a 38.3 passer rating for the young season.

Since 1999, the Browns have probably had the worst QB situation of any team during that stretch. I don't know if the following list of Browns starting QBs in that time is supposed to make me laugh, or make me cry. What I do know though is, there is no way that Brady Quinn could be the worst QB to start for the Browns since they have been back.

The following is a list of Browns Quarterbacks since 1999, and their Career Passer Ratings:

1. Kelly Holcomb: 79.2
2. Tim Couch: 75.1
3. Ty Detmer: 74.7
4. Derek Anderson: 74.5
5. Jeff Garcia: 71.3
6. Charlie Frye: 71.1
7. Trent Dilfer: 70.2
8. Doug Pederson: 62.3
9. Luke McCown: 52.6
10. Spergon Wynn: 39.5

That is an awful list, and here are some numbers to put the above into perspective. Currently, Kyle Orton of the Bears has the 18th Highest Passer Rating in the NFL for the 2008 Season. His rating is a 79, to tie match Kelly Holcomb's - team leading - number.

There are also (9) guys with Passer Ratings OVER 100 for the 2008 season, including Jason Campbell of the Redskins. Matt Kassel, in his first two starts since HIGH SCHOOL, has a passer Rating of 87.

Lets Give Brady a shot and see if he cant crack the SEEMINGLY UNBREAKABLE PASSER RATING OF EIGHTY...or we can move forward with a guy who is competing with TYLER THIGPEN for the TOILET BOWL TROPHY.

Romeo, maybe you might want to take this information and FLIP ANOTHER COIN!

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